101 Kids Activities - For Work At Home Mums

Kids Activities for Work at Home Mums E-book

Keep your kids occupied while you work from home!

Are you looking for some simple exercises to occupy your child while you work from home?

Do you want to reduce the stress of children constantly begging for your attention during your work time?

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101 Kids Activities for Work at Home Mums is full of independent play activities, fun games and challenging learning exercises, that will keep your children quietly entertained so you can get some work done!

Add hours of productive time to your week!
Reduce the stress of children constantly begging for your attention!
Keep them entertained WITHOUT using the TV!
Over 60 pages of independent play activities and resources

As a work from home Mum or Dad, the greatest challenge you face is to keep your child occupied at times when you NEED to work.

We have all experienced the stress of a deadline compounded by the frustrations of a bored child. It is a recipe for disaster! This is where 101 Kids Activities for Work at Home Mums can save your day!

“Amazing how much more I could get done just because my son was so busy with the activities I have chosen for him – Thank you so much for this great book.” – Meggan, Work from Home Mum, Sydney, Australia

“Finally I dont have to spend hours on inventing activities for my children while I work . It’s so easy to use and it saves me so much time .” – Linda, Work from Home Mum, Brisbane, Australia

“I am so much more productive! My daughter loves the activities and occupies herself so much longer! Thanks again!” – Samantha, Work from Home Mum, London, UK

This ebook was written for you, and all of the work from home Mums and Dads who need some head space to complete important tasks.

The exercises in this book are designed to occupy your child for a significant period of time in independent play, to leave you uninterupted to work on your project or task.

You will not find just one exercise in this book that keeps your child busy all day. That’s why we put 101 of them in there! 101 Kids Activites for Work at Home Mums gives you the resource you need to come up with activities to entertain your child every time you need it!

Buy 101 Kids Activities for Work at Home Mums now and get the most out of your working day!

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